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We offer a wide variety of tables for restaurants, bars, cafes, offices and retail stores. We can build tables of any shape, any size and any color.

We offer a wide variety of booths and lounge seating for restaurants, bars and cafes. We can build any shape, any size and any color. With 24 standard designs and hundreds of styles and colors of wood and upholstery to choose from, the options are unlimited.


Our skilled craftsmen can create a variety

of other goods to complement the look and feel of your space. By going beyond tables and seating, we ensure that your vision is fully realized. 


I can’t speak highly enough of Avis. They are more than a mere vendor or supplier, but rather, they are true partners in every sense of the word. We have presented them with challenging projects with less than ideal timeframes and they don’t miss a beat. They roll up their sleeves and work hand-in-hand with us to develop cost effective, detailed and premier quality solutions. It has been an honor to work with them and I highly recommend Avis for all your millwork needs.

—  Jay Nesbitt, Chief Creative Officer, Wholesome International

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